SLHA is a committee run group whose members have an interest in the history of the Village.  The current members inherited a legacy from previous members who wrote and published books relating the life and times of the people of Shalford.


  • Two volumes of Pictures in Progress depicting the housing in and around Shalford.

  • A book on the History of Shalford set against national historic events for the Ice Age up to modern times.

  • A Book of “Tales for the Shalford Firesides” as retold to our researchers over the years.


Sadly some of these books are now out of print but may still be viewed as part of our collection.


The Shalford Local History Association is based in the Village Hall and maintains an archive of memories in the form of documents, artefacts, photographs, articles and books etc. donated over the years by residents and friends of Shalford.

We organise well supported exhibitions and activities to include people of the village of Shalford  who take an interest in the life and times of the village.

Plans for the future include a presentation of life in Shalford at the time of the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation in 1952; as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022; being organised by the organisations that use the Village Hall.

In September we have been asked by the Old Primero Historical Foundation in Texas to host an event commemorating the bravery of three Shalford residents who helped the American airmen whose B17 Bomber the “Dry Gulcher” crashed in Shalford during World War 2.

In the past researchers interviewed older residents and wrote down the stories that they told.  We are in the process of scanning those records to make them available in a digital format.  So if you are a relative of someone in Shalford or wish to know about the people who lived in your home; their history may have been recorded and we would be delighted for you to read their stories.


The Village artefacts include Toys, Flags, Farming implements and Tools.  Art and Craftwork, everyday items such as pens and spectacles used and worn by our local “Post Mistress” when we had a Post Office.


If you’re interested in finding out more, want to join our group or get involved please contact us on the email address below.


Did you know?  The old wooden shed that stood in the grounds of St Andrews Church was the venue for the Sunday School and during World War 2 was the meeting place for the Home Guard.  When it was demolished a child’s prayer book and an ammunition case for 303 calibre armour piercing bullets were found and given to Shalford Local History Association for safe keeping.


Contact details

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